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Readings + Reactions for 2.3.11

mobile in the US
Before the iPhone
Apple Releases it’s App Store Review Guidelines
Android gains on Apple in U.S. mobile Web use
The Nexus One was Google’s Dream; the Carriers were Freddy Kruger
Blacks and Latinos Phoning Across the Digital Divide

mobile web vs apps
Little love for the mobile web in an app-adoring world
What’s mobile mean? How Apple and the iPad are forcing the debate
If an App is your Content Strategy, You are Doomed
Google says App Stores are a temporary solution

Journalism wakes up to mobile
USA Today retools for Mobile
On mobile services, broken news
Look at sites with mobile in mind
Hearst opening “Think Tank” for Apps

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  1. RJ Roxas
    February 2, 2011 at 10:53 pm

    I found the article in Wired about the web apps vs. native applications on phones to be very interesting. I’ve seen both examples of when web apps trump the native app and vice versa. For example, I feel that the YouTube application on the iPhone is inferior to the mobile site. YouTube now has a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” rating system, and that is just one of the new changes the iPhone YouTube app has yet to acknowledge. Meanwhile, the web app can easily adjust to YouTube’s new changes since coders don’t need to worry about programming for different platforms.

    On the other side, some mobile sites like Facebook seem to have limited features compared to native applications. On the iPhone for example, the Facebook app gives you more options to view different timelines while the mobile site only gives you “popular” news on your newsfeed.

    Overall, I don’t really have a preference of native vs. web applications. I just use whatever I find easier and has all the features I need.



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