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Hope everyone’s survived the giant blizzard and are staying warm inside today.

So here’s the story with what’s due, when, etc:

1) Your mobile blog IS DUE. You need to get it set up and linked up ASAP.

2) Your app report is due next week. We’re pushing everything, readings, etc, to next week. Everything with the exception of your mobile blog.


With a blizzard and aftermath of this magnitude, it’s worth doing some mobile reporting on it. There are a bunch of us and we live all over, so we should be able to pull in a lot of amazing photos.

I’ve set up a group Posterous site at http://snowdaychi.posterous.com (the design will change over the next week)

We’re going to EACH post 10 photos of the aftermath of this storm–huge snow piles, people helping others, the frozen tundra that is the world we live in now.

You’ll post them simply by sending an e-mail with your photo attached to:


That will put your submission into a moderation que, and I will approve it.

We will review this blog next week–it should be awesome!

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