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Readings & Speakers for Thursday!

As promised, the Snow day threw our guest speaker slate some. But, there are readings that you must do in order to fully participate in the day.

On Thursday, we will be looking at mobile use around the world by looking at the way mobiles are used on two very opposite ends of the traditional economic and technological spectrum.

We will be joined via Skype by Katrin Verclass, co-founder of Mobile Active.
Africa Calling: mobile phone usage sees record rise after huge investment
Handset Makers Compete for Data-enabled African Market
M*Pesa mobile banking system in Kenya: a video.
Africa’s Cell Phone Boom Can’t trump dire need for schools, roads, power, water

We’ll also be joined via Skype by Hiroko Tabuchi, a Tokyo-based business, economics & technology reporter for The New York Times.
Her story Why Japan’s Smartphones Haven’t Gone Global is crucial for understanding the state of tech in Japan.
Additional Japan readings:
The Crazy Phones In Japan That The iPhone Is Competing With
iPhone IS Big in Japan
Thumbs Race as Japan’s Best Sellers Go Cellular (a couple years old, but still a mind-blower).
Wikipedia’s “Japanese Mobile Phone Culture” page


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