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Twilio for telephony apps!

Today we’re going to take a dip into Twilio, a platform for building both voice- and SMS-based applications.

While Twilio is built on TwiML, a scripting language, we’re going to be using Twimlets, their easy-to-use wizards for creating surprisingly functional voice-based apps.

A couple Twimlet notes:

  • apostrophes break the URL the app runs off of, so be sure not to use them.
  • the URL that is generated gets truncated oddly in the window it’s displayed in. In order to capture it, you need to click through on it and copy from the address bar in your browser.
  • the coolest part of Twimlets is stringing them together to build surprisingly powerful things. So keep that in mind as you’re crafting yours–what can you do beyond simple information.
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