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Mobile App Dev: Final!

We’re at the end of the semester–amazing. Here’s what you need to do for next week:

1) Build a hi-rez prototype of your application. It should be able to be demoed in a walkthrough that should show the general interaction a user can expect as well as highlight some of the unique capabilities/characteristics of the app.

2) Prepare a three-slide presentation that leads up to your walk-through that introduces:
a) the app, its name, and succinct concept
b) the intended audience for the app
c) the development process

3) In addition to covering those bases your FIVE MINUTE MAX presentation should also give a guided walkthrough of your app.

4) You will also be turning in an 700 word report that covers the following:
a) explains in detail the mobile strategy:
–what does it set out to accomplish?
–how does it engage users?
–what is the end goal?

b) Mentions things learned from the prototyping & testing process

c) Gives a narrative walkthrough of the prototype: be specific and include detail: who is the user? what are they trying to accomplish? what is the experience like?

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  1. Monique Montagnese
    May 12, 2011 at 8:11 am

    The app I have created sets out to gather user submitted information,
    reviews and gossip people of interest and the venues they frequently
    visit. In addition to this the app will track the location of these
    people, allowing users to see the last hot spot they visited, their
    favorite hot spots and the history of the places they have been
    spotted at.

    The app engages users by showing them a unique side to the city that
    they live in or one that they are visiting. Using geolocation the app
    will be able to tell where the user is and will determine nearby
    sightings. The user will be able to engage with a venue through the
    app by accessing app-only information such as the tips, photos and who
    is the top dog or most frequently spotted visitor of a venue.

    The end goal of the app is great a mobile guidebook of the hippest,
    most frequented venues. The app will also serve as a handbook for the
    following: catching a glimpse of a person of interest, exploring a new
    city and living the highlife in the one you call home.

    During the testing process I was pointed in the direction of more
    successful word choices that more clearly communicated the function of
    the button and the target audience of the app. Here are some examples
    of these changes: 1. from socialite to who’s out to a “hot” button
    that leads you to choose hot people or hot spot 2. from winner to top
    dog to highlight the most frequently spotted person at a venue and 3.
    changing check them in to report a spotting. During my testing I also
    made many changes to the front page, most notably adding in a
    prominent search function at the top of the page.

    When opening the app you are immediately brought to a page with a
    search function on top. Underneath this there is a list of nearby
    spottings. Next to the nearby button there is an option to see a list
    of recently spotted people. The bottom bar of buttons allows you to
    report a spotting or choose to see what is currently hot. If you
    choose recently spotted the search, top and bottom buttons remain the
    same. The only difference would be list of those spotted and their

    If the user chooses to search a keyboard will pop up and they will be
    able to type in the specific venue or person of interest they are
    looking for. Under this search function there will be an automated
    list of locally popular venues and a distance option. Clicking on this
    distance option will bring you to a new slide where the user may chose
    from the following distances to search in: 500 feet, 2 miles, or 5
    miles. If they choose to click hot they will be brought to a new slide
    with two options: hot places or hot people. Both hot options will be a
    list of the most popular items in the category.

    After the user searches for venue they will be brought to that venues
    page. This page starts with a small button that reads the name of the
    venue and a larger button that allows them to report a spotting.
    Underneath this is the large name of the person of interest who is
    currently top dog and smaller names of 3 people who have also been
    spotted at this venue (if available). After this the user will be able
    to access tips about the venue and a user-uploaded photo gallery. The
    bottom bar of buttons on this slide consists of adding a photo or a
    tip to the venue and sharing their personal location of Facebook or
    Twitter. This shared information can be modified to include the person
    they have spotted or the top dog, based on preference.

    If the user decides to report a spotting they will be brought to a
    page that prompts them to answer the following questions: who’s here?
    what are they up to? Once they have answered these questions they can
    submit this information. On this page the user can also add a photo or
    tip and share their location. After submitting it, a page telling them
    now many times this person has been spotted at this location and a
    link to this users profile will be brought up.

    The user can also access this profile page if they user click on top
    dog. This profile consists of a photo of the person, the number of
    times they have been spotted, any user-uploaded gossip or photos
    concerning them and a list of their favorite (most spotted at) venues.
    If the user clicks on the number of times they have been spotted they
    can see the person of interests venue history.

    The remaining slides are simple and can be accessed from the venue
    pages. They allow you to choose a photo from you library or take one,
    add a tip or share on Facebook or Twitter.

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